Work related Psychological or Psychiatric Injuries

Work related stress, anxiety and depression are significant issues that affect not just the life of the individual but also their family and in turn wider society. Work related problems become additional burdens as they affect a person’s and family’s financial stability. For this reason, it is vital that such conditions are treated effectively and speedily. Sufferers of work-related injuries need to be able to access the right support, guidance and course of treatment without delay in order to regain their health and well-being.

Dr Abeya is experienced in diagnosing, reporting on, and treating people who have experienced workplace based issues and cases related to compensation. These are situations where the injuries and mental health issues must have resulted from situations related to work.

Dr Abeya has an excellent record of helping patients in these situations. In addition to her in depth knowledge of how to treat these issues, she has an excellent understanding of the sensitivities and formal requirements surrounding workers compensation claims.

For some a work place injury could have occurred after one incident, for others it could be a result of incremental long term work stress. It can affect an individual’s self-esteem, their physical health, and have long lasting consequences to their careers and personal relationships. For this reason, Dr Abeya understands the importance of effective treatment and optimal levels of care, guidance, and support.

If you have suffered from symptoms of stress, anxiety or depressions as a result of a work based incident or situation, please contact us. We will arrange a consultation for you with Dr Abeya.