Anxiety Treatment in Sydney

Looking for a perfect anxiety treatment in Sydney? Searching for the best way to treat it? Well, you are at the right place because we can help you.
Anxiety is a common emotion and feels like fear. As humans we have developed the ability to feel anxiety as there are times when it can be of assistance in driving a better performance at tasks. Yet, too much anxiety can be very distressing and quite disabling.

We consider anxiety a ‘disorder’ when it becomes persistent, extremely distressing and interferes with day to day functioning. There are different types of anxiety disorders. For example, someone who fears social contact or is terrified of being with people could have what we call social phobia or social anxiety. Sometimes people have intense and severe anxiety attacks on a continual basis and this could be due to panic disorder. If you have had the experience of repetitive and continued worries all the time you could perhaps have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). People with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) too experience anxiety. So do you or your loved ones need anxiety treatment or advice in Sydney?

Anxiety disorders are quite treatable. The best evidence based methods are the use of psychological therapy (talking treatment sometimes known as counseling too) and medication. Often both methods are used in combination. Sometimes behavioural strategies are also used where the aim is to modify behaviour associated with the anxiety condition. Anxiety treatment can help you live a happy and peaceful life.

Apart from the aforementioned, cognitive behavioural treatment is a well-researched method of treating anxiety disorders. This method involves identifying, understanding and then modifying negative or dysfunctional thought patterns. Sometimes simple behavioural techniques like graded exposure to the feared object is used with success too.

Medication is through the use of antidepressants, which have a good profile of reducing anxiety. These tablets take some time to correct the symptoms and it therefore very important to access professional help in understanding your response to treatment.

Dr Abeya, based in Sydney, always takes time to listen to a client’s concerns and commences treatment by providing a good understanding of the condition. The first step towards getting better is to better understand the cycles that work to create your anxiety. After a discussion she will be able to suggest good treatment options to help you and guide you to make the right treatment choices.

Anxiety is treatable – so don’t delay seeking professional help.