All about Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Sydney

Looking for Bipolar disorder treatment in Sydney? Well, before that it is important to understand what exactly it is all about. Bipolar disorder or Bipolar Affective Disorder is a mood related disorder. We all feel different types of emotions depending on the situation and can be happy at times and sad at others. In bipolar disorder, these mood changes occur in the extreme. Therefore, a person could feel intensely sad or despondent, when we call them depressed; similarly, they could feel intensely happy or euphoric to the point they lose judgment and stop being rational, when we say they are manic. Due to this the old name for this condition was Manic Depression and people with this disorder have episodes of Depression and episodes of mania. Since there is no cure for it, there are many bipolar disorder treatment options that can help you manage its symptoms.

This is quite a common condition; in fact 1 in a 100 people has had an experience of Bipolar disorder. It is a condition that can be treated well and controlled if a person takes care, but could be quite dangerous for some if not treated correctly. The dangers are situations of extreme neglect if you are depressed and thoughts of harming yourself as well as situations where you put yourself at risk due to lack of judgment when manic. Yet it is important to remember that people with this condition lead full and fulfilling lives, but indeed, need to access help to enable them to do so.

Dr. Abeya has a wealth of experience in treating Bipolar disorder in Sydney, and will take time to listen to your story and concerns. You will then have the opportunity to better understand the condition and put your mind at ease. She will then take you through available and best bipolar disorder treatment options to find the ones you are most comfortable with. She will also inform you of lifestyle changes or other strategies that will assist you.

Mood stabilizers are the mainstay of treatment in Bipolar disorder and help to maintain your mood at a stable level. On occasion antidepressants will be required during episodes of depression, but this is often discontinued. There are times when antipsychotic medication could be required too. Sometimes people have psychotic experiences in depression and mania; these are treated with short term use of antipsychotic medication.

Bipolar Disorder is not just a situation of mood swings but a treatable medical condition. It is important to obtain a proper diagnosis and educate yourself about the illness and treatment methods.. Therefore do not delay seeking help and give us a ring.