Dr Abeya regularly gives talks and conducts small training sessions for GP’s and Allied Health Professionals about various aspects of Mental Health. She welcomes GP interaction and is happy to answer questions in her areas of interest. If you would like to ask Dr Abeya to speak at one of your meetings feel free to contact her.

GP Presentations

Bipolar disorder in the workplace

Download (PPS, 1.8MB)

Treatment of Schizophrenia

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Download (PPS, 9.2MB)

Depression in Elderly

Download (PPS, 8.37MB)

Substance Abuse

Download (PPS, 830KB)

Demystifying BPSD

Download (PPS, 923KB)

Psychiatric Problems in Stroke Patients

Download (PPS, 335KB)

Psychiatric Assessment

Download (PPS, 3MB)