Ways to Ease Depression

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” —

Christopher Reeve

According to the Black Dog Institute, “One in seven Australians will experience depression in their lifetime.” Depression is also the number one cause of non-fatal disability in the country. Lifestyle changes have contributed to the rise of depression. So are you depressed? What can you do you to overcome it?

Signs That You May Be Depressed…

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What Can You Do To Overcome It?

You need to act. Yes, depression requires action, but that can be very hard to do so when you are depressed. You may find it hard to do the things that make you feel better. For e.g., you may not want to exercise or go out with friends in the state of depression.

But, if you want to overcome depression, the time is right now! Why not go out for a walk? Get up, switch to your favorite music and dance. It will uplift your mood, and you will be fresh for the next couple of hours. If you take small but firm steps daily, you will soon overcome depression and will feel healthier, happier and hopeful again. You can also try these ways to overcome depression:

Way-1: Stay Connected

Seek support from your loved ones; it can help you overcome depression. But the condition of depression may prohibit you from doing so. But you have to try and act:

• Reach out to those family members who care for you and make you feel safe. They need to listen to you with full attention without getting distracted and judging you.
• Talk to them face-to-face, put aside your phone, and stay away from social media. When you talk to someone face-to-face, it can play a significant role in keeping the depression at bay.
• Care for your pet if you have one. Although, it can’t replace the need for human communication.

Way-2: Do What You Enjoy The Most

You should do what relaxes you and fills you with energy. Follow a healthy lifestyle and don’t let any day pass by without having a fun activity in it.

• Do things you enjoy. If you like playing badminton then play it for an hour daily. If you love gardening, then you should spend time planting saplings, curating greenery and enjoying the latest bloom in your backyard.
• Care for your health. Aim for eight hours of sleep and if you have sleeping disorders, learn healthy sleeping habits. Stay away from anything which causes stress. Find ways to relieve the pressure. Yoga can help you de-stress and taking deep breaths on the morning walks can help you relax.

Way-3: Eat Healthy

Eating a balanced diet is prerequisite for good health in general and this extends to treating depression. Eating healthily will improve your overall wellbeing and your emotional health. Some foods can adversely affect your brain and mood. Being careful with alcohol and caffeine for example is important. Similarly not indulging in illicit substances will lessen further burden of illness. Here is what you should try:

• Do not skip Meals, if you take too much time between the meals you may be irritable and tired.
• Stay away from fast-food and sugary food. You may develop mood swings.

What If You Still Feel Uneasy?

You have tried a few things at home, but somehow you aren’t getting that ‘normal’ feeling. It is time to see a professional. Your local GP would be your first port of call and you could seek out a specialist – psychiatrist. You can contact our clinic, psychiatrist in Sydney to see a caring and fully qualified psychiatrist.

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