Addiction Counselling

Recovering from addiction and restoring mental health requires caring and compassionate relationships, including the one with a psychiatrist. Dr Abeya provides individualized, non-judgmental treatment and counselling for a variety of challenging disorders. Addiction is not limited to drugs and alcohol. Sex, Gambling, Shopping, and Over-eating can have addictive components, and require specialized, sensitive treatment. Other conditions such as ADD or ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety can complicate the recovery process. Dr Abeya’s passion is to help her patients achieve their goals in recovery from addiction, mental health, and success in other life pursuits.
How do I know if I’m addicted?

Using substances recreationally crosses over into addiction when the use impacts your ability to function. There is a loss of control over the substance use, and often a fear of withdrawal. Addiction also involves higher tolerance to a substance, meaning it takes more to get you “high” than it did previously.
How can people be addicted to something?

Any behaviour that causes a surge of dopamine in the brain can lead to addiction. That includes sex, gambling, shopping, and even video games. These are the characteristics of such an addiction:

Excessive time spent engaging the activity
Loss of control of the time or money spent on the activity
Participating in the activity regardless of the dangers involved (such as STDs)
Using the behaviour to avoid feeling lonely or sad
Feeling uneasy when you can’t do the behaviour
Problems with work or relationships as a result of the behaviour
What is the best treatment for addiction?

The best treatment is the one that works for the patient. Research has shown that it is the length of time in treatment that determines the best outcome.798646_1398404390613