ADHD, Anxiety And Depression Treatment For Adolescents

Is your adolescent suffering in silence? Life can be confusing, frightening and painful for an adolescent suffering from mental illness. Problems that are not worked through and addressed can affect an individual right into adulthood, so, the earlier issues are addressed and treated, the better the outcome.

Dr. Abeya is an accomplished psychiatrist, with a successful record of effectively treating adolescents suffering from a range of psychiatric conditions. This is an extremely sensitive and difficult issue, and Dr. Abeya understands the concern and stress that parents can experience when a child is emotionally unwell or unsettled. She will use her expertise and gentle manner to work with your teenager to achieve better outcomes.

Dr Abeya treats adolescents over the age of 16. She uses excellent therapeutic models where the family’s input is not only valued, but encouraged. Her goal is to assist teenagers and parents to overcome difficulties and work together to improve problems and life at home. Dr. Abeya treats adolescent problems including depression, eating disorders, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety disorders, trauma and schizophrenia to name just a few.

Don’t let a difficult, painful situation overwhelm you. It is important to understand that these conditions can be very effectively managed. Help is available for you, your child and any other member of the family who needs assistance and guidance.

To find out how Dr. Abeya can help you or your loved one, please contact us in Sydney, we will be pleased to arrange a confidential consultation for you.

Treatments might involve:

– Medication

– Parent counselling/family support

– Individual therapy/cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

– A combination of these treatments.